Camping Journey List

As Hurricane Irma hits Florida, I think about those preparing to evacuate and what provisions they have already in place.  Preparing to camp is like preparing to evacuate from a major storm or other disaster that may impact power, water, and access to necessities.  While not all campers want to “live off the grid” and planning to camp certainly does not have the same sense of urgency or anxiety associated with a disaster, planning for the unexpected paths along the camping journey will make a significant difference in your experience.

Planning a camping journey takes into consideration your needs in everyday life and what, if any, of those needs you are willing to do without as you travel.  The list of needs can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but keep in mind just like those preparing to evacuate, you may not have access to obtain necessities after starting your camping journey.

So, where do you start?  Start and maintain a list of those things you absolutely must have – can’t live without or life would be a challenge without them.  Remember – you may not always have access to power for your phone or other device, so as a backup keep a printed or hard copy list somewhere accessible.  The list should be used for shopping, inventory, and packing.  I have learned the hard way that without my list, I inevitably forget something I wish I had.

Start by identifying categories when making your camping journey list.  Once you identify the categories, note each item needed under each category.  The list will evolve over time and is intended to be adapted for any camping journey.  The camping journey list is an essential tool for a successful and enjoyable adventure!

You can categorize your camping journey list anyway you choose, but I find these categories worked for me.

  1. Shelter/Bedding
  2. Clothing/Shoes
  3. Food/Water
  4. Pet Supplies
  5. Toiletries/Medicines
  6. Cooking/Utensils/Paper products
  7. Outdoor/Miscellaneous
  8. Entertainment

So, get started on your camping journey list and check out the post on planning your camping adventure.

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